UCEDA School’s mission is to provide English language programs and services to international and local students. Our main goal is to equip students with English language skills. UCEDA School achieves its mission through the implementation of the curriculum and student services.

History and Philosophy

UCEDA School was founded to bring cultures together and to help individuals expand their horizons through improving their English language skills. In 1988, knowing that there was a strong need in their community for immigrants and international students to have a way to connect and develop these language skills, Juan J. Uceda, Charo Uceda and Doris Uceda founded UCEDA School. Since its inception, our organization has striven to provide every UCEDA student with effective English instruction, a taste of the American experience and the opportunity to immerse themselves as deeply as they choose to in the cultural perspectives of the English-speaking world.

UCEDA School encourages students to find their own personal way
into the English language and the culture of the USA. We have a long
list of happy graduates who began their studies at UCEDA School and have gone on to pursue degrees at recognized universities and colleges, in many cases expanding their careers with the knowledge and contacts they developed at our schools.

The staff at UCEDA School is selected by executive directors and the
Uceda family based on their ability to offer the students a quality
classroom experience, insights into their community and region, and understanding and help with individual needs. We know that in this fast-moving time, our students must somehow manage to develop their English skills, get connected with the resources of our major metropolitan areas, engage with others in their fields of interest and really become active citizen-participants of the global community in order to truly get ahead. We want our students to take advantage of everything the modern world has to offer, and nothing provides the UCEDA School family with more satisfaction than to see our students grow and gain access to new opportunities as they utilize the language skills nurtured at our schools. With this commitment to the development of each student and the quality of the services provided, UCEDA School has grown into one of the largest private ESL school chains in the United States with schools located throughout the east coast of the U.S. in northern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and also in Nevada. We are adding more schools every year. We welcome students from all over the world – Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa – to come learn together and partake in the American experience with us.

Why UCEDA School

1. Leading ESL School since 1988:
UCEDA School’s expansion to many locations is evidence of its great achievement. Uceda School is one of the largest private English language school chains in the United States with more than 13 locations.

2. UCEDA School’s ESL Programs are Accredited*:
Our Intensive English Program (IEP) and ESL programs are accredited by the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA). CEA is recognized and authorized by the U.S. Secretary of Education to accredit English Language Programs in the USA. CEA endorses the high quality of UCEDA School’s ESL program. For more information about UCEDA School’s accredited status, please visit www.cea- accredit.org.

3. Affordable Tuition Fees & Flexible Schedules:
UCEDA School offers high quality education & services for affordable
prices. Our students receive a great value for the price they are paying in tuition costs. As our classes run mornings or evenings, Monday through Thursday. We offer flexible schedules. And through our open enrollment system, students can be admitted and start their studies any week in the year.

4. Curriculum, Textbooks & Materials:
UCEDA School’s academic department uses the latest and most updated ESL materials from Cambridge University Press, whose textbooks offer a trusted and proven English teaching methodology.
All the testing materials including the placement tests are validated to ensure every student’s effective evaluation and correct placement in our program. The textbooks come with self-study DVD-ROMs
including video and skills practice for students. Moreover, UCEDA School has officially partnered with Cambridge University Press, which offers UCEDA School teachers the benefit of direct training and professional development activities.

5. Diploma – Certificate of Completion:
Upon finishing a proficiency tier or level, UCEDA School students receive a Certificate of American English attesting to their successful completion of our Basic, Intermediate or Advanced American English courses. Our students can use these official certificates for work or academic purposes in their home countries and/or in the USA.
*Accredited status may vary per location.

6. Test Preparation & College Counseling:
UCEDA School’s qualified and experienced teachers prepare students for the TOEFL iBT and iELTS test which is necessary in order to be admitted to American colleges or universities. Many of our students have achieved high TOEFL iBT and iELTS scores and moved on to study at American colleges and universities. In addition, our teachers and academic coordinators offer our students guidance and support in both their search for college degree programs and their application process as needed.

7. School Locations & Student Activities:
UCEDA School has great locations allowing students to not only study English, but also experience American culture to the fullest.
The locations are near famous cities such as New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, etc. and popular attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Miami Beach, etc. In addition, each school offers fun activities
and excursions giving students the opportunity to make friends from all over the world, have fun and practice their English skills.

8. Technology Integration in ESL Classes:
UCEDA School strongly believes that technology should be integrated into the ESL classroom which is why we invest in computers, computer labs, projectors, cutting-edge software, tablets,and smartboards. Teachers at UCEDA use the latest technological tools for their lessons to improve the learning experience for our students. For example, students use the smartboard to make interactive presentations on various topics in class. This not only improves our students’ English language skills, but also develops their presentation skills for future work and professional situations.

9. Excellent Customer & Student Services:
UCEDA School’s trained staff makes sure that all prospective studentsm are clearly informed about the comprehensive nature of our program before their arrival in the USA. In addition, our staff will help and guide them with their F-1 visa application process every step of the way until they have safely arrived in the United States. We will even pick our students up from the airport if needed. Upon their arrival at the school, new students are personally welcomed by UCEDA School staff and provided with detailed information about our program through orientation meetings to make sure they understand everything related to their studies and their new lives in the United States. In addition, academic and personal advising is available to our students at all times during their studies.