The best schools for children are just one of the reasons why more families choose
the City of Weston to establish residence in the United States. However, the family
environment, cultural diversity and the different languages ​​spoken in Weston and
to which children are constantly exposed are just some of the many factors to
However, one of the biggest challenges of living in the United States is
unquestionably being able to speak the language well, even being a community
populated mostly by Spanish-speaking people, the English language prevails.
Marcela Monteiro, from Brazil and current student of the UCEDA school in
Weston, who also describes it as "the best English school in Florida" has already noticed major advancement in her English Language Skills, since joining the
school in July 2018. Marcela is very satisfied with the results of her English course
and is clear about the importance of learning the language well for her future and
that of her family in the United States.
Other students tell us the reasons why they chose Weston to live in Florida and we
are not surprised to hear comments like: The city is very organized or: The best
family atmosphere;
In the same note , many students who live in Weston understand how important it
is to speak English well to guarantee a fruitful stay in the United States, not only
professionally but also in daily life, being able to communicate well in English is
very important and necessary.